Stand up and get counted!

The newspapers today had a lot of coverage on Anna Hazare and his movement. I was reading an article in Mumbai Mirror, ‘Govt drunk with corruption; people need to make it sober’. The article reported the related happenings from the earlier day. However what caught my eye was the following paragraph .

While Hazare continues getting overwhelming support for his anticorruption movement from across the country, some Congress leaders feel the anti-graft crusader’s indefinite fast will not impact the Assembly polls. “Corruption is not an issue in state elections. In any case the middle class that goes to Jantar Mantar in support of Hazare does not vote,” said AICC General Secretary B K Hariprasad.

Did you read that? He is talking about all of us. I was very upset almost through the day. However, I realized that what he was saying may be really true. If we only crib about how the country is gone to the dogs, without even voting in the elections, we will need many Anna Hazare’s to do many fasts unto death for us.

Remember, in a living society, this kind of an agitation should be like a surgery, needed only in very extreme circumstances. If drastic action is needed every now and then, the society, that’s us, is dead. The way to change goes through the ballot box. If we always think of an election as another holiday, we will always have the kind of politicians we have and not the kind we want. Each one of us has the power to make the difference by using our franchise.

I have voted in every election since I became eligible, be it municipal, state or Loksabha. Let’s all commit to vote in every election that comes up to select our representatives. I had earlier said Want to make something happen? Make a commitment to someone! Please find someone and commit about voting. If you are in a mood to make a public commitment, there is a cause on Facebook, Let us all register and make it a point to VOTE. Please join the cause.

Thanks for everyone who read Anna Hazare I know… and commented on it. One of readers Jayshit Ladani, shared a fantastic YouTube video in which Anna Hazare talks about himslef and his causes. I have already shared it with my Facebook friends, but sharing it here for wider exposure.

Anna Hazare in his own words (Hindi)
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4 Responses to Stand up and get counted!

  1. The Riz says:

    This may or may not be how it exactly happened, but it serves to make the point: In ancient Greece, the democratic law required every person to vote, regardless of who they voted for; anyone found not voting was publicly marked and labeled an idiot. Idiot was defined as someone who thought their own personal needs were higher than those of the society around them; over time the word ‘idiot’ has evolved to its meaning today.

  2. Angry Ganu says:

    The problem is not that we don’t want to vote. The problem is that whom to vote? No political party is free from corruption.

    It is like choosing to die by getting shot or by getting hanged. Is that even a choice?

    So we can all say we should vote, we should vote every time there is elections. But can the hell someone make it clear if there is anyone clean enough that we can vote?

  3. Mohammed Sufiyan says:

    Thanks for sharing….

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