Charge the cell phone while you breathe…

This is the post I missed on 19th March, because of my lost laptop. That day, there was this interesting news in the Mumbai Mirror.


Indian technology student Kancharla Sampath Reddy poses with his invention – a cellular telephone charger activated by lung movements – strapped to his chest in Hyderabad. Reddy, studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Arjun College of Technologies invented the device which is triggered by the expansion and contraction of the body when breathing; this connected to a gearbox rotates a turbine which gives an electrical energy output of 3-5 volts. The human breath charger is useful when a main power supply is not available.

That is so cool! No more running out of cell phone battery. No more looking for a electric socket to charge my cell. All I need to do is keep breathing and have my battery charged. And I am sure this can be extended to charge any kind of batteries, not just the cell phone ones.

A couple of years ago, I had gone for a trek to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal. A must do trek, if you are a trekker. Once we left Kathmandu, the electric supply was limited. As we started going higher, charging batteries was a challenge. And we were living off batteries. We needed to charge our cell phones, our cameras. At the lodges, they would charge exorbitant amounts to let us charge the batteries. If we had this invention, with the amount of walking and climbing we did, and with the laboured breathing we did many times, they would charge fast too.

In fact, this would be a boon to all the places in our country, and the whole world, which lack electric supply. Unlike other ways of converting muscle power to energy, one doesn’t have to do anything special. Also, unlike solar or wind energy, this doesn’t depend on any of the natural conditions. The energy can be generated in any season anywhere. The potential of this is enormous. This can virtually light up every house using battery operated LED lights with very small capital investments.

Let’s all wish Kancharla Sampath Reddy all the success in taking this further. Unfortunately, searching for him on the web just gives this news and no further information, or any contact details. Even his college website doesn’t give any more details. May he find all the resources, mentors and guides to take this idea and convert it into a slew of devices that can charge all kinds of batteries.

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5 Responses to Charge the cell phone while you breathe…

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  3. Aadil says:

    this is really cool, i hadnt heard about this before. Thanks for sharing.
    Google for ‘breath powered usb charger’
    looks similar.

    • May be our guy just used this as his project idea and did the projec. That may explain why there is no more information about hs invention. Some of the comments on the post that you sent are pretty old. I would still say that it’s an idea that is definitely productizable,

      • sampath Reddy Kancharla says:

        thank you sir(Makarand karkare) for your complements…….from kancharla Sampath Reddy. You can contact me with a mail sir.

        Mail ID:

        waiting for your reply…………..

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