Horse waiting for the signal

2011-03-01 09.11.24

Since the time I remember, every foreigner whom I met wanted to see the cows on the road. That’s what we and our streets are famous for. Sad smile. It is true that we have all kind of animals on the road apart from the human beings and vehicles.

I took this picture a few days ago waiting for the signal, I saw this horse waiting in front of me. Open-mouthed smile. The picture is not great since it was taken against the sun, but you can still see that the straight route is open and the right turn is closed. You can also see the pictures of vehicles not allowed to take a right turn. The horse doesn’t appear amongst them. I as well as the horse were waiting to take the right turn.

It was really funny and at the same time heartening to see the horse waiting at the lights. If only all of us could be as patient and disciplined as the horse.

P.S. Specially for the Mumbaikars. Can you identify this signal?

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2 Responses to Horse waiting for the signal

  1. evelyn says:

    Hehehe… In my hometown years and years back when I was still a child there used to be ducks and geese crossing the street. Not anymore though! ^^

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