Earn it before you can have it…

teacupThis is another of the Radio City, Babbar Sher wisecracks. It said चाय पीने के पेहेले चाय बनानी पडती है. For the non-Hindi people, it means “You got to make tea before you can drink it!”.

Sounds obvious doesn’t it. If you don’t make tea, you cannot have it. However, if we look around, we find that the world is full of people who don’t seem to or want to understand this.

Take the case of a student who wants to get great marks / grades without studying the subject matter. Or look at a lottery addict youngster who wants to get rich quick from a lottery ticket and so spends money buying lottery and just waits for the result. Or look at a public servant who expects to get kickbacks for his regular work.

When one gets things without having to earn them, they lose their value. I remember a story about a young lazy boy and his father. The father asked the boy to earn one rupee and show it to him. So the son went to his mother and asked her for a rupee.

In the evening, when the father came home, the boy gave the coin to him. Father looked at the son and the coin, said “you didn’t earn it”, and threw the coin in the well. The son just stood there, frustrated.

This continued for a week. Everyday, son would borrow a coin from his mother and father would say, “you didn’t earn it” and throw it in the well. The boy would just stand there.

The son finally got fed up. He actually went to the marketplace, toiled for the whole day and earned a rupee. That evening when his father came home, he very proudly looked at the father and gave him the rupee. The father as usual looked at him, said “You didn’t earn it” and threw it in the well.

However, the son, having realized the value of the money he had earned, jumped into the well and came out with the rupee. The father, now convinced and happy, embraced the son. The son grew up to be a rich and respectable man.

Some people believe that they will let others make tea and then have it. Smile. These are people who would live off other people’s efforts. Again, we are familiar with such people. These are what Ayn Rand calls second-handers in her famous book The Fountainhead. (If you haven’t read this book, you  have missed something. It’s a book that has influenced me immensely. I should write a post about it sometime.)

From time to time, most of us hope to get tea without having to make it, and that’s human nature. We love to get unexpected bonuses, find great bargains, expect the value of our stock to go up, and the real estate prices to go up a month after we bought the new house etc. And there is nothing wrong in it. But always expecting to get stuff without working for it is a recipe for disaster.

So, Let’s earn it before we have it…

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2 Responses to Earn it before you can have it…

  1. Rajendra says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Nice start of my day.

  2. Dinesh Gajjar says:

    Related to this, Vinoba bhave said – a day passed without hard-work of two hours in field is in vain.

    Good post, thanks for sharing it.

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