A great get-together

We had a great get-together today. A few of us, all alumni of IIT Mumbai, graduated between 1981 to 1983, met together in Navi Mumbai, and had a great time. The occasion was a friend visiting from the US. 

We are now in different, very diverse careers. Amongst us were successful professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, professors and activists. We have virtually no professional connections with each other in what we are doing now. Neither is this a stray occasion. Some of us do meet each other quite frequently, though the reasons for meeting may be different.

Sometimes we meet because someone is visiting from abroad as the case was today, sometimes to celebrate  our professional success, or sometimes the success of our spouses or children. But we do meet quite frequently. We are always looking for an occasion to meet.

And when we meet, what do we do? We eat, drink and talk about everything under the sun. We have opinions on everything and we voice them. One of the common threads though, is the time that we spent together in our alma mater in our younger days. We do talk about it and recount some of the events and memories of that time, but that’s not the only thing.

Our spouses strongly disagree, as they disagree about everything else. Smile. Most of them voice their opinion that mentally, we are still not out of the IIT campus. We are still in those days. Is this really a case of we smelling the cow fart can?

I don’t think so. No doubt we are nostalgic, no doubt we enjoyed all those times together, but are we really trying to escape in those times? Not really. All of us are by now fairly accomplished and respected in our own careers and are well respected. So do we really think that those days in IIT were better than our professional lives? No way. All of us love what we do and want to advance in our chosen careers.

So why do we meet as often as we can, sometimes, making time by leaving some of the important stuff aside? I think we do it because, in the company of such close friends, we can be completely ourselves. We don’t need to pretend to be anything, we don’t need to wear any masks, we don’t need to put on any acts. We know that amongst them, we are not going to be judged or prosecuted. We can express ourselves without worrying about what other people in the group may think about us, because the feelings and respect for each other comes from the bonds we have built with each other at an young age. A proof of this is in such gatherings, even if we were to meet someone after years, we connect as if we had met just yesterday.

What do you think? What kind of get togethers we seek out and why? Please share.

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4 Responses to A great get-together

  1. Riz Mithani says:

    Getting together with batchmates from college days especially if you lived with them for many years as is the case with IIT, is special because that is the time you learnt how to cope with life on your own as you straddled from teens to becoming an adult, and they were there with you, for you (or against you becaause of RGgiri 🙂 Personally I do not have the same bond with my grad studies alma mater as I do with my undergrad years and junta at IIT Bombay.

  2. Rajendra says:

    Absolutely true.

  3. Dinesh Gajjar says:

    Whatever you have told is true. I can feel your feelings.

    It is saying that, to find real person, meet him when he is among his friends 🙂

  4. Mohammed Sufiyan Khan says:

    Friends are gift.

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