Why does a dog have so many friends?

A short post today. It’s pretty late.

In our new office, everyone gets a corner of his/her own. Each corner has a white board and a three magnetic boards. People have been quite creative about how they use these boards. Many people have started writing a quote of the day on their whiteboards. Walking around the office has now become a great inspirational experience for me. I get to read at least 5-10 new quotes everyday.

2011-03-08 09.58.39I came across a gem yesterday on one of the white boards. It says

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue!


How very true. Wagging tail is a friendly gesture, whereas wagging tongue is many times an irresponsible action. I am sure all of us have heard a list of things that are non reversible. An arrow propelled from a bow and a word that has left one’s mouth cannot be reversed. (In the modern times, I would like to add some more to this, an email that has left the outbox, or the the toothpaste that has come out of the container, a la three idiots style)

Since a word that has left the mouth is irreversible, one needs to be very careful about it. As I had mentioned in this post, my father had given me a very sound advice in this regard. He used to quote a Sanskrit quartet. It translates as follows

One should speak the truth, which is pleasing, not the truth which is
unpleasant. One must not speak an untruth which is pleasing. This is
the eternal way of life.

If all of us have the discipline to follow this, the world will be a much pleasant place.

So, let’s learn a lessen from the dog. Let’s make more friendly gestures and control our tongues and have a lot of friends. Smile

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4 Responses to Why does a dog have so many friends?

  1. Rajendra says:

    Can not agree more on this. Thanks

  2. Mohammed Sufiyan Khan says:

    How true…..thnx.

  3. Manish Raje says:

    The time I looked at the title of this blog, I was curious. Was it something to do with scientific research? Out of curiosity, I opened it and started reading…. And I realized how true. Nice short and sweet.

  4. Raj says:

    If only we could control our tongue – both in terms of eating and talking, situation could have been different.

    One more on dog – you feed a hungry dog and it will never bite you. That, is a difference between man and a dog.

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