Crossed 5000 page views…

StatsToday is a fantastic day for me. Thanks to all of you, I crossed 5000 page views. This is a landmark. Looks like people are reading what I am writing. Please keep giving me your feedback and comments.

I am not writing a big post today, because I wrote one for another blog. Sometime ago, I had written a post on setting up the Liddarwat camp during himankan 82. Around the same time, a group called Himankan was started on Facebook to share experiences about Himankan.

Some of us became even more enthusiastic and decided to start a new blog to share stories from IIT Bombay Mountaineering club. Thus was started another blog in which I also contribute.

During Himankan 82, Girish Dravid had written a long (22 pages) letter to his mother in Marathi. I volunteered to translate it in English. I spent my allocated time today to translate part of that letter. You may want to read it, IMHO, it makes exciting reading.

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7 Responses to Crossed 5000 page views…

  1. charu says:

    A silly comment – how can one allot a time for this activity and start and stop at the stipulated time!! I am sure one has to get addicted sooner than later.

  2. evelyn says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts. They are thoughtful, interesting, and inspiring :)
    I’m glad that I came across your blog!

  3. Manish Raje says:

    Congratulations sir.

  4. Santosh Naik says:

    Congrats, Thanks for writing….

  5. Allwyn says:

    Hi Makrand,
    Your musings are introspective and witty. I look forward to reading them and catch up on weekends — so I have contributed to at least 60 of those 5000 page views ;)

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