Even 3-year-olds know value of fair play

(had a busy day today and looking at even busier day tomorrow, so a very short one…)

This posts tile is the title of an article in today’s Times of India.

A recent study done in USA suggested that children as young as three years want to share the fruits of the joint effort with their partners. This even when they could have kept the whole reward to themselves.

The article then goes to describe the experiment and how the researchers reached this conclusion. However, these observations don’t really surprise me, neither would it surprise anyone who has had an opportunity to watch kids at close quarters. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the kids. Time and again I have observed that kids are really the essence of humanity. They have all the noble qualities.

They are innocent and trusting. They are fair and assume everyone around them to be fair. They expect the life to be fun. Kids are very kind and most of the times willing to share what they have.

It’s only when they start growing up do they start losing or hiding some of these qualities. It’s grownups like us who train them to be “wise”. Off course we do it for their own good, to protect them. But in the process, we deprive them of their nobleness.

Still, a sense of fair play, sportsmanship is so ingrained in us even as children that we don’t lose it even as I grow up.

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