Pensieve–My favourite magical object from Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter. It’s a great example of story telling. In the Harry Potter series, J. K. Rowling, like Vishwamitra had done, created Prati Srushti, an alternate world.

The magical world created by Rowling is captivating and imaginative. It is full of many novel concepts and things. Anyone who has read the books or seen the movies would want to “send an owl” and in today’s busy life would love to have a “time turner”. However, of all these magical artefacts, I love the “Pensieve” most.

Pensieve is a play on two words, pensive, which means thoughtful. And a sieve, an object that has an ability to sort things. So pensieve means an object that can help one sort out one’s thinking.

PensieveThe Pensieve is an object used to sort thoughts and review memories. It has the appearance of a shallow stone basin. It is filled with a silvery substance; the collected memories and thoughts of people who have siphoned their recollections into it. Memories can then be viewed from a third-person point of view.

A person can pick his thought or a memory from his brain using the magic wand and then put it in the pensieve. He then can share it with anyone else. The other person immerses into the pensive and hence into the thoughts and memories of other person. A really immersive experience.

If we had a pensive today, won’t it be a great way to remove all the misunderstandings people have. It would be great for people to visit the pensieve and understand each other’s perspective.

It can also be used to siphon out excess thoughts from one’s memory and store them into the pensive. And then these thoughts can be examined at leisure to get a better perspective.  Also, if thoughts can be removed from ones mind, with an ability to restore it as needed, one can keep one’s mind free of excess thoughts and be able to concentrate on the most important thought for the moment.

In a way, we try to create our own pensieves. My blog is an example of one. I am trying to create a space where I can share my memories and thoughts. Autobiographies, and in some cases biographies of great people are pensieves that help us look into their memories and understand their thoughts and perspectives. That’s why I had urged everyone to read more in one of my earlier posts on reading.

It would also be great help in our relationships to learn to create pensieves so we can share each other’s thoughts, without being judgemental about each other. 

Are there any other ways you think pensieves can be used? Have you come across any things in our world that can be called pensieves? Please share.

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4 Responses to Pensieve–My favourite magical object from Harry Potter

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  2. evelyn says:

    I love Harry Potter too! Your point about putting away irrelevant excess memory/thoughts is really true so that one can concentrate fully.

    I suppose 1 analogy that can be drawn is for meditation. Supposedly meditation will improve one’s ability to concentrate and focus, as well as to sieve between thoughts more efficiently. Not as practical and easy as a pensieve, but as muggles that don’t have the privilege of magic I suppose a bit more discipline and work can achieve the same results? After all we only use a miniscule percentage of our grey cells. 🙂

  3. Dinesh Gajjar says:

    Good point…

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