It is not the wings…

IAFAs I said in one of my earlier posts, I listen to Radio City on the way to work everyday. Nowadays, there is a very beautiful advertisement on the radio for recruiting to the Indian Air Force.

मंझिले उन को मिलती है,  जिनके सपनो में जान होती हैं
पंखो से कुछ  नही होता, हौसले से उडान होती हैं


Freely translated in English, it means

The ultimate goal belongs to those who have the will to power their dreams
It is not the wings but determination that makes one soar to greater heights

A very profound and inspiring thought. What matters is not what we have, but what we really want! What I love most is that this thought puts us squarely in the driver’s seat. It really sets us free and gives us wings Open-mouthed smile, because we are in-charge of our destinies and are no more at the mercy of our circumstances.

We have many inspiring examples of this around us. I had written about Naresh, who rose above his disability and became a computer engineer from one of the most prestigious institute in India. And then went ahead to work for Google.

Jonathan didn’t have the wings of an eagle, but he was determined to fly like one. And he learnt to do it.

So let’s really dream about what we want, without being limited by where we are today.

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One Response to It is not the wings…

  1. Mohammed Sufiyan says:

    So True

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