My most favourite movie

I am a die hard romantic. No wonder that my favourite move is a very romantic one.

Dev Anand and Nutan in Tere Ghar Ke Samne

Dev Anand and Nutan in Tere Ghar Ke Samne

The movie is Tere Ghar Ke Samne starring Dev Anand and Nutan. I saw this for the first time while I was in IIT. It was screened in Hostel 4 and I saw it sitting next to Subodh who was a huge Nutan fan.

The plot of the film is pretty unique. Dev’s father and Nutan’s father go to an auction to buy bunglow plots. One of them buys a plot which is adjacent to the road, and the second one buys the plot behind it.

Dev is an architect and his father asks him to design a bunglow. As luck would have it, Nutan’s father also appoints Dev as an architect. Both of them end up approving the same design and order Dev to build. Dev is in a fix. So he covers both the plots and starts building.

In the meanwhile Dev and Nutan fall in love with each other as the rivalry between their fathers continues to increase.

The love story goes thru it’s ups and downs and finally the lovers are united.

The movie had fantastic songs remembered not only for their music, but very memorable expressions given by Dev and Nutan.

My most favourite episode in the movie is when Nutan goes to Shimla on vacation. Dev visits her home in Delhi to meet her and is informed that Nutan has gone to Shimla. Without a single thought, Dev Anand rides his scooter from Delhi to SHimla, a distance of about 350 km. He then gets a body massage and wants to visit Nutan. That’s the time he realizes that he doesn’t know where Nutan stays. What do you imagine he does? He starts going thru Shimla singing a song (Tu kahan, Ye Bata…). A lady throws him a coin thinking he is a beggar. Open-mouthed smile Finally, Nutan hears him, comes out on the balcony and sees him. The expression she gives when she sees him is absolutely priceless, beyond description. If you get such an expression from your loved one once in a while, you would be a happy man. I am. (Please follow the youtube link above and see for yourself. )

I liked the movie so much, that I had vowed that when I buy a video player, this will be the first video cassette I will buy. By the time I bought a video player, it was a CD player and I did buy this as my first CD.

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8 Responses to My most favourite movie

  1. bombaynoir says:

    Hi there! 😉 I just came across your blog on Google, and yay, it’s the post about my favorite movie too! I saw TGKS a few months back for the first time (I’m 13, mind you, and I love Dev Anand’s films!), and this has to top as my favorite film of all-time. Dev’s coats, their expressions, the songs, the cinematography! Oh my God! I just can’t find the right words in my vocabulary to describe this amazing movie! Just wondering, what brand is your DVD? Mine is Shemaroo, and I don’t have the scene where he goes to her house and is told she is in Shimla. In my DVD, there’s a scene with him getting the letter from her and she says she is in Ooty! And he goes to see her. I just want to get my hands on any DVD that has the full version, because I’m quite sure that Shemaroo has butchered some scenes.

  2. nandan says:

    makarand…wachayala survat keli ani mazya mnat vichar ala ki nantar tula reply dyawa ki tula nutan che te expression mahit ahet ka ? bingo…tu pn tyach expression cha diwana ahes ! anakhi ek…dev jenva drink madhe burf takto tenva nutan che expression athav. mashalla !!
    amacha lagna zala tenva nutan cha motha photo mazya room madhe hota. abhaya ne to kadhun takla he wegala sangayachi garaj nahi.( By the way ikade devnagri kas lihayacha ? )
    anakhi ek….rafi cha ganyachya survaticha ” tu uuuuuuu kaha aaaaaaa ” parat eik. mazya mate priyakarane preyasi la marleli centuritali artt haak asavi….:)
    u got a die hard nutan- dev fan here buddy !!

    • Nandan

      Great to know we share one more common love. BTW, did u read the othet related blog post about how a french man is ompletely mad about Nutan? The link is right below my post.

      For Devnagri, I write in Notepad using Google IME nd then paste it here.


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  4. yves says:

    I landed here because I was looking for lovers of Nutan in general, and TGKS in particular, and I thought very pleasant what you had to write about my favourite actress! If you have a look at what I said about the movie, you’ll see that my favourite moment is that climb up Qutb Minar, but I agree that the Shimla scene is very nice too! So if you want to read more and share with me, don’t hesitate:

  5. Rahul says:

    Sholay wud top as my most fav film. it was released 6 yrs before my birth and i saw it almost after i was 18. and thats when i realized why was it considered ahead of its time. simply a masterpiece which still keeps me glued 🙂

  6. Rahul says:

    Sholay wud top as my most fav film. it was released 6 yrs before my birth and i saw it almost after i was 18. and thats when i realized why was it considered ahead of its time. simply a masterpiece whch keeps me glued 🙂

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