Resolution for the month of February 2011

In one my early posts, New Year Resolutions, I had postulated that when we make too many resolutions on the new year day, they are bound to fail. A better option is to make a new resolution every month and then follow it diligently for the whole month. That way, it becomes a habit and hence difficult to break.

I believe in practicing what I preach.

So on 1st January, I made a resolution to write a blog post everyday. And by now, as I wrote in yesterday’s post, it has become a part of my day.

Today is 1st February and the time to make another resolution. I am making a very unusual resolution today.

In today’s hectic life, time is the commodity which is most short in supply. We barely have time to do our regular stuff. Finding time for exercising is almost impossible. What if I could find a way to easily sneak in exercise without having to specially make time for it? Believe it or not. I found a way.

We moved to our new office yesterday. The office is on 11th floor of the Platinum Techno Park in Vashi. The building also has two parking levels. So our office is actually on 13th floor.


The building has 4 lifts.



Including the waiting time it takes between 5 to 7 minutes to reach the office using a lift.

I made a resolution to walk up the staircase everyday. I park the car in the basement. So I need to climb a total of 14 levels. Each level has 23-24 steps.  So I need to climb approximately 325 steps.

I did it today. It took me approximately 7 minutes. I had to stop twice while climbing to catch my breath. I am sure, I will improve my stamina as I continue. I want to make sure that I keep my resolution and hence as I said in this post, I am making a public commitment about this resolution.

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5 Responses to Resolution for the month of February 2011

  1. Deepak S Avasare says:

    Hello Makya,

    The day you fill tired to walk up (if and when you feel it) at least make it a point to walk down, which would be easier on your stamina (may be not on the knees)

    I also feel another way to keep up with the resolutions is to have some breether into them. If you say I will do it each day, and then fail to do so for a day (or two) you then give it up entirely. Instead if you way I will do it at least 5 days or say that if I miss a day or two, I will definitely make sure that there are as many writings as the number of days at the end of the month, you are more likely to succeed.
    – Deepak

    • Deepak

      Breathers into the resolution once they become a habit is fine, I am only saying that initially, when we are forming the habits, and there is no momentum, they may lead to breaking away from the desired behaviour.


  2. Sneha says:

    Great..It’s an inspiration for me 🙂

  3. Rajendra says:

    Good one. I will join you once I am back

  4. Mohammed Sufiyan says:


    I am a huge fan of yours now…… How can you be so much creative….?
    You have made a habit to write blog every day and I have made a habit to read your blog everyday…

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