मुझे एक बार रोड रोलर पे बैठके घुमना है!

Everyday on the way to work I listen to FM Radio. My favourite station is Radio City 91.1. On this station there is a feature called Babbar Sher which is telecast every hour. The feature consists of a fun sher followed by a completely random statement. The statement typically brings a chuckle. Yesterday’s statement was the caption of this blog. मुझे एक बार रोड रोलर पे बैठके घुमना है! (I want to ride a road roller once!). That really started a chain of thoughts.

I was reminded of a couple of rides that I always wished to have.

Since I was very young, I wanted to ride in the guard bogey of a goods train. I was and still am fascinated by the that bogey.

GuardCompartmentThe bogey typically has a shelter in the centre and extended floor with a railing on one or both sides of the shelter.

You can see the guard standing on the extension, leaning on the railing and showing the flag as the goods train clears the station or the level crossing.


I imagined myself sitting in the the guard bogey in an easy chair looking back at a setting sun as the train moved away.

Lukla AirstripAnother ride that I always wanted to have was in an airplane cockpit. I always wondered that if the view from a side window is so beautiful, how great would the view from cockpit be. To some extent, it got fulfilled when we went for a trek to Everest base camp. We travelled in a very small, 16 seater plane and I could sit right behind the pilot. The photograph on the right is the rising airstrip at Lukla taken from the that plane.

We have many such wishes, but we just brush them aside as impossible and give up on them. From my own experience, and based on what the old and wise people say, such wishes will really come true if you truly want it. As Omprakash Makhija says in Om Shanti Om, अगर किसी चीज को दिल से चाहो सारी कायनात उसे तुमसे मिलाने मे लग जाती है. Which is very similar to what Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist says.  When you really desire something with your heart & soul, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it! See. Wise people think alike, Paulo Coelho, Omprakash Makhija & ME Winking smile.

So keep wishing, even if it’s as ridiculous as wanting to ride a road roller. Did you ever have a wish that you discarded because it seemed stupid? Did you have a seemingly foolish wish that actually got fulfilled? Please share.

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3 Responses to मुझे एक बार रोड रोलर पे बैठके घुमना है!

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  2. Seema Jeswani says:

    I can’t recollect having any such wish……however, i always tried to rush into double-decker and acquire first seat on the top floor………….As a child I always felt great getting that seat and I used to tell my friends “See, I am driving the bus……driver on lower floor is just driving that floor, it’s me who has taken charge of this floor of the bus ;)”………………….now when i recollect it really sounds stupid 🙂

    And how can I miss the great dialogue of Om Shanti om………………I am complete believer of this dialogue “अगर किसी चीज को दिल से चाहो सारी कायनात उसे तुमसे मिलाने मे लग जाती है. ” and I have seen this happening unless you drop that wish after striving for a lil while………

  3. mkarkare says:

    From Reader Shreekant Kelkar

    Check the link. You can ride a road roller and get some fringe benefits by the road:

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