How to welcome a new year?

This year, like many other years, we gathered at a friends house to welcome the new year.

It was great fun. We had a lot of song and dance. Great food. The spirits flowed. There was nothing that could have been any better.

The party went in the wee hours of the first day of the new year. Around 3.30 in the morning, we returned home and slept.

The first day of the new year was a disaster. I didn’t wake up almost till  noon. Was lethargic the whole day. Didn’t get much done during the day. Even pushed some of the planned things to the next day.

This raised a question in my mind. Is this how I should have started the new year? We definitely should celebrate the achievements of the year that went past, but does that mean the first day of the new year should be dull, lethargic?

What do you think? How did you welcome the new year? How was your experience?

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4 Responses to How to welcome a new year?

  1. Ashutosh Vaidya says:

    It is indeed a thought to ponder. We welcome the new year with excitement and enthusiasm and we waste the first day of the same new year in sleep and hangover. This time it was different for me. We went to London to watch the infamous fireworks at London Eye. The streets were overflown with the spectators and the entries were closed at 8 PM. We were standing there since 6 o’clock in the evening. The atmosphere was amazing with BBC 1 live DJ, the fantastic lights of London Eye, the enchanting chime of the Big Ben and the Budweiser 😉

    Around half past 11, there were more camera flashes than the well-lit Victoria Embankment. And finally the count down begun!!! The skyscraper behind the London Eye was used to exhibit with the Laser light projections and the with loud roar of the crowd it begun 5….4…..3…..2……1….. and then all of us witnessed THE LONDON FIREWORKS for NEW YEAR’s EVE…. it was just marvellous….

    The legendary ‘bongs’ of the Big Ben were simply astonishing… Indeed it is rightly called “THE” Big Ben… and for next 10 minutes the skies were painted with all the possible colours of the fireworks…. I took 247 snaps in those 10 minutes 🙂

    It is a must watch for all the Human Beings 🙂

    (for pictures, please visit my Facebook profile ;))

    • mkarkare says:

      Awesome Ashutosh. I hope to see the sight.

      This year, I was in New York on 4th of July and saw the fireworks on the Hudson from Rockefeller Center “the top of the rock” (

      The experience of watching the city from their was great, but that coupled with the fireworks was out of this world.

  2. Aniket says:

    This is the typical scenario with most of US 🙂 to start first day of new year somewhere around noon. This year I was with my family at home. had very good food (ordered parcel as there was huge queue outside every hotel that it would have taken midnight to get the place to sit and then eat anything.) my mom and wife cooked some good food and I bought one champaign (non alcoholic :)). at 12 AM we wish each other, few phone calls, smses.thats it.

    But it was nice to be with family and dear ones (it would have been a different scenario if I would have stick to my plans to celebrate with friends usual way, but thanks to my wife Soniya to suggest me to have gettogether at home only with parents, sister and few dear ones).

  3. Manish Raje says:

    On 31st evening before leaving the office, I was discussing the same with office colleagues, ‘whether we should celebrate last day of year, or should we celebrate 1st day of new Year’. I chose the 1st day.

    Early morning called up lots of friends wishing them a new year, many didnt pick up their phones 🙂 may be hangover. In morning, I Went to Mandir. did a small puja. With full enthusiasm, first day of new year, I spent with my family.

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